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My personal quick tips, situations that happened to me...let me know your opinion too!

Try to google “anxiety on the stage” and tell me how many times you find articles that suggest dealing with your stage fright/anxiety/panic, by accepting the fact that "it’s ok not to be perfect".

I fo...

There are performers who accept to perform for charity, and others who don’t do it: there’s no right or wrong. Since it's charity, everyone can choose if they want to do it, and how they want to d...

So, if your client cannot pay your full cachet, you can arrange with them a discount on the amount paid with money, in exchange for other things: car park, free or discounted products/services etc.

Every kind of business deal is based on the principle that “nothing in this world is for free”. It's a do ut des, I give you something in exchange for something else.

They probably think that you're not human, because otherwise there is no reason to expect someone to perform for some "exposure".

That's the dilemma of any startup: you start with an idea, a passion of yours, and invest time, money and energy to make it more and more efficient. But the only way to transform it into a real busine...

Have you ever been asked to perform for free? Have your interlocutors even tried to argument their request with what they thought were "logical reasons"? Then this is for you!

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