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Interview to Erika Grimaldi

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

This time I interviewed Erika Grimaldi, "up-and-comer in the Italian operatic theatre, who is establishing herself in the national and international music scene". You can contact Erika on her website and all the social networks! In questa occasione ho intervistato Erika Grimaldi, "giovane promessa del teatro lirico italiano che si sta brillantemente affermando nel panorama concertistico nazionale ed internazionale". I would love to focus on one of the interesting topics Erika and I talked about: the balance between career and personal life. Do you have a family and keep doing your live performances? How do you manage the two things together? If you are a female performer and a mum, have you had a different experience while being pregnant? Tell me your story, as I am really curious to hear everyone's point of view!


Erika Grimaldi ci rivela come ha trovato un equilibrio tra avere una famiglia e una carriera come soprano lirico! Intervista in italiano con sottotitoli!


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