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Primary and Secondary Research about Mental Skills and Performance studies.

If you want to improve your memory regarding a specific action, here you have scientific evidence that shows how we produce memories by observing and imagining an action.

Among performers, actors are the most familiar with the use and control of emotions at work: when you bring to life new characters, understanding the feelings and reasons that cause their actions is c...

I mental skills sono importanti per una performance?

Un semplice ed elementare questionario mostra come gli artisti - professionisti e studenti - che non si sono mai approcciati ai mental skills (abili...

Are mental skills important for a performance?

A simple and basic questionnaire shows how artists - professionals and students - who have never approached mental skills, confirm their importance for th...

Few months ago a musician friend of mine said that all he would have needed to turn his passion (the music) into a real job, was enough time to practice

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