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Mission Statement

My Mission is to provide revolutionary online training for performers to be more effective on and off the stage.

Vision Statement

My Vision is a world where performers are in full control of their act and still enjoy it, no matter the challenges they face.
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Why I created U.Y.P.

For people like myself, many times the question is not "why doing it?", but rather "why not?"
My name is Minie, and my story as a performer starts in 2006.
In all these years I have had the chance to experience the stage in many different waysmusical theatre and drama, jazz and classical concerts, stand up comedy, tv commercials and tv shows, and even dancing as a Zumba instructor!
These (very different!) jobs might seem a bit confusing at first; instead, they are the most precious gift I could have ever wished for.
In fact, every time I started something new, I noticed how many skills were transferable from one field to the other: skills that I learned as an actress helped me improving my jazz concerts, the connection with the audience that I learned as a comedian greatly helped me when I started dancing Zumba.
We all have very similar challenges when it comes to performing on a stage, and the same set of skills helped me whether I was working as an actress, a singer, a comedian or a dancer.
It took me many years of mistakes, attempts, practice, lack of self-esteem due to results that were not always easy to achieve.
Eventually, I learned how to control my stage fright, how to enjoy my audience, how to efficiently plan with my band, how to build my network.
But what would have happened if I was taught how to manage those issues? What if there was a way to get better results and have a lot more fun while performing, by simply changing one's mindset?
Most of all: what if I could help others to get there?
That's when I studied a different approach and I invented my three Wheels: M.A.G.I.C., C.R.E.A.T.E. and W.I.N.
Simple keywords to help you deal with the challenges of live performances, with the effectiveness of rehearsals and with the fears of a competition/audition.
Whether you are a student, an accomplished professional, or anywhere between those two, it's not too late.
You can add a new perspective to your life as a performer.
You can learn how to implement some new habits and be more motivated than ever.
You can choose to Upgrade Your Performance and probably end up thinking: "Why didn't I choose U.Y.P. earlier?"
Sometimes it's not about "why" or "why not".
Sometimes the question is: "What are you waiting for?"

Contents of U.Y.P.

M.A.G.I.C. Wheel
A tool to help you manage and enjoy your live performance
C.R.E.A.T.E. Wheel
A tool to help you efficiently plan and improve your rehearsals
W.I.N. Wheel
A tool to help you control and boost your efforts for auditions and competitions


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Performance Skills
Tools to manage your emotions, thoughts and energy while you perform
Business Skills
Tools to administrate, plan and grow your work as a performer
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How To's Videos
In these short videos, I start from one of your questions, or from a scenario that happened to me, and I give you my suggestions based on the theory and my experience.
A good start, if you are not quite ready for the more comprehensive and complete skills and knowledge found in U.Y.P. Academy and Webinars.




Latest News
Articles about new research in mental skills, performance skills, performing arts...
My events such as seminars, workshops and similar.
My opinion around certain "hot" topics such as good answers to those who ask you to perform for free!
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Why you should choose U.Y.P.

I already gave you many reasons on the Home page, I know, but what I'd like to add is that I am not here to sell fluff.

I care.

I care about the time and efforts that you will invest in learning and practising my method: I want them to be well spent.

My hope is to receive an overwhelming amount of feedback from around the world, saying that this method helped all of you, to become more confident while performing, wiser when it comes to working in a team, smarter when you plan your projects and tasks.

So, in case you are still undecided whether you should try one of my courses or webinars, send me your doubts or questions: I will do my best to address them.

You will deal with a real person who, most likely, has already lived the same situations.

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